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2016 beauty wise was definitely a turning point- as in- I no longer fussed with makeup in the morning. It was really more about skincare, some bb cream or concealer, some lipstick and a brow pencil. Thats it. As of late- with Christmas and the festivities, the palettes have come back out… but we’ll see […]

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The Ingredients

There will be many different ingredients that I will need to start working on my product, and because there are so many different ways that I can create this healing salve, I may end up changing the ingredients or adding in different herbs for a different  aliment.

The major herbs that I will use are going to to be lavender, comfrey, camomile, and lemon balm. I will also be using bees wax and shea butter.

There are so many wonderful herbs that I want to be able to incorporate, but I also want to keep it simple.

What do you all think? Have you made any healing salve with bees wax or shea butter? Which one do you prefer?