Ways to relax…

I love looking at ways to relax online, and I found this article helpful because it is short, sweet, simple and to the point.   3 ways to relax your mind

Personally, I love to come home from work and unwind by running outside or playing with the dogs, or playing with the dogs outside. Anything to get my mind clear and ready for the time that is personal and non-work related. I feel that on days when I clear my mind and purposely destress then I am in a much better mood for myself and my husband.

Recently, due to this year long dream of creating a product and my generous mother who sent me all sorts of herbs, and ingredients, I have been so lucky to have lots of lavender in the house. I have bags of it in small cute bags and the scent of the lavender is so POWERFUL and so CALMING; its like a instant calm pill. The power of these herbs is so beautiful and amazing that I cannot wait to start creating. Until then, I will continue to look and breath in the smell of these beautiful flowers.



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