Parenting Advice

“ Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” ~Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Do you want advice?


Actually, no. Most people do not want advice that is freely given to them. They want advice when it can help or support, but they do not want to be told what to do.

During my day job, as a school counselor for elementary aged students,  I am constitently playing a game of giving advice and wrapping it in a way that people do not see it as me telling them what to do, as well as reminding them that there is no perfect answer. I love to help figure out an answer to a problem, and sometimes it just takes an outside perspective to help you along.

Like we all know, there is no book that is given to all parents, a manual of sorts. If there was, then the world would be a much different place!!

However, I would love to offer my advice to you. If you have school aged kids, specifically Kindergarten-Middleschool, please contact me with a question.

I will be happy to give you advice to the best of my knowledge. Please know that if you send me a question, I may publish it and the answer to help other parents who may not feel comfortable asking a question.


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The Company is in town….

Hello, Hello.

As my dreams and wishes continue to work on my project, I also continue with daily life. This past week my family has been in town and there has been little time to do my project. However, I have used the dried herbs and lavender in bouquets around the house and using the essential oil to smell when times are stressful. Here is a wonderful link to ways to destress your home with scents too.

Cheers to a wonderful week

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Ways to relax…

I love looking at ways to relax online, and I found this article helpful because it is short, sweet, simple and to the point.   3 ways to relax your mind

Personally, I love to come home from work and unwind by running outside or playing with the dogs, or playing with the dogs outside. Anything to get my mind clear and ready for the time that is personal and non-work related. I feel that on days when I clear my mind and purposely destress then I am in a much better mood for myself and my husband.

Recently, due to this year long dream of creating a product and my generous mother who sent me all sorts of herbs, and ingredients, I have been so lucky to have lots of lavender in the house. I have bags of it in small cute bags and the scent of the lavender is so POWERFUL and so CALMING; its like a instant calm pill. The power of these herbs is so beautiful and amazing that I cannot wait to start creating. Until then, I will continue to look and breath in the smell of these beautiful flowers.